The Nation's Top SBA 8(a) Consultants

The top two experts in the U.S. join forces to get you SBA 8(a) certified on the first try, from just $2,590

Nation's Top SBA 8(a) Experts


The former supervisor at SBA’s Division of Program Certification and Eligibility:

  • Over 27 years supervising the SBA office that examines 8(a) applications;
  • Personally reviewed over 35,000 8(a) applications during his tenure;
  • Made the recommendation of approval or denial for each one;
  • No one has more first-hand knowledge of what can and cannot be approved.

The 8(a) certification consultant with the longest track record of successful 8(a) applications in the nation:

  • Over 34 years assisting clients to successfully apply for SBA 8(a) certification; 
  • Nation's most successful SBA 8(a) consultant - with an unbeaten track record;
  • Organized and easy to follow system for pulling together the many items SBA requires - saves hundreds of hours of time. 
  • Complete service, start to finish.

What does this mean for you?

Imagine if you could have the SBA sit down with you and personally tell you exactly what it would take for your 8(a) application to be approved on the very first try.  Then imagine that they would go over your entire application package – all the forms and all of the backup documentation – BEFORE you actually submit it.  And not just anyone at SBA, but the actual people that make the decision on 8(a) applications. 

Until recently, nothing like that was even remotely possible. But now it is. 

Our SBA expert recently retired from the SBA.  For the past 27 years, he was the actual person at SBA that made the approval or denial recommendations on each of over 35,000 8(a) applications. He has now joined our practice and will be providing direct guidance during the preparation of your application package.  He will perform the exact same rigorous review – from SBA’s perspective – that he did for thousands of 8(a) applications while at SBA. If there are any issues, they will be caught up front and can be addressed before you submit the application.

With that kind of meticulous review from an insider perspective - and now combined with the most experienced 8(a) application preparation service in the nation - your 8(a) application will sail through SBA’s rigorous and detailed examination.  That's because we will prepare it correctly, exactly as SBA prefers, and will have properly addressed each of SBA's eligibility concerns, especially those that are top priorities for SBA.

So, what does this mean for you?  It means you can get your 8(a) approval on the first try. It also means that it will take much less of your time.  No more multiple attempts to get certified over a period of years.  No more endless back and forth with SBA to address multiple concerns and requests for additional documents.  And no more wasted time, money and lost opportunities.

It means that you will sooner, rather than later, be eligible for award of 8(a) set-aside and sole-source contracts by the Federal government. 

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